My Blog! I did it!!!

Hello everyone,

Welcome to my blog and my website. You may already be familiar with me or my brand or both, or we may be meeting for the first time. Hello :)

Basically I am a creative mum living in North Yorkshire who loves to sew. My website has been up and running for some months now and I am on: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter (I very rarely use twitter if I am honest).

It may be obvious but the name Charlotte Lucy is actually me! It took a lot of thought to come up with that name! Truth. Haha!

I attend a networking group in Yorkshire called Yorksinstameet (search it on Instagram or Facebook). It was set up by 2 lovely ladies Caroline and Louise who both have their own businesses - & and they set it up to be somewhere that creatives can meet together, chat, share stories, share advice and hopefully collaborate together. A lot of the attendees are mums and work by themselves so its a great way to feel like you are part of something bigger and to give you a pat on the back to say you are doing it right and to keep going.

I have met some amazingly talented people at the events I have attended and think it is such a wonderful thing. So Thankyou Caroline and Lou for creating it.

Yesterday the meet was at Castle Howard. Right on my doorstop and the guest speaker was Vicki Psarias creater of

WOW she is one inspirational women. Go check her and her work out as she is such a breath of fresh air. How have I not known of her before.... I know the word Inspiring is a bit all over at the moment but she truly is.... Honest!!!

One of the things which I found extremely refreshing from her was that she made me realise that Instagram isn't everything. Which when I think about it Instagram seems to be consuming more and more of my day than ever. I seem to have got this tunnel vision of scheduled posts, stats, likes, stories etc etc and it is very exhausting trying to create visual content all the time. This demand to have a perfectly looking grid I am finding it to be quite unachievable really. But I am OK with that however the Instagram Algorithm isn't, Tut!

Well Vicki Started out Honest Mum as a blog whilst she was on maternity leave, and she planted the seed for me to start one myself. I will go into more detail about who I am etc and the business in the next post but basically she made me realise that with a blog I can give you all behind the scenes chat. What I or the business is up to. My highs & Lows, ask for opinions and basically be able to show people the REAL ME not the Instagram me and not worry if it doesn't look 'right' on my grid! I will tell you now I am not a great writer. I didn't do well in my English GCSE so please ignore if there are any spelling errors or how I have wrote things that are not quite PC, I will write as I talk, I am Yorkshire so I hope you can keep up! Just shout if not :)

So from this day I will be chatting, rambling, wittering to whoever wants to follow my journey on building my Business!

If you have made it this far THANKYOU I really do appreciate your time in doing so. And a BIG BIG shout out to Vicki for giving me the push to do it!

If you would like to follow my 'not quite Instagram perfect Grid' then you just need to search @charlottelucyengland. Also my facebook is I wont lie they are pretty much identical as I am not good at creating 2 different sets of content. I am lucky to do one haha. Hopefully you will enjoy this journey with me,

Thankyou Charlotte x


  • Love this! Well done Charlotte and good luck! You got this! XxX

  • Well done and good luck! 😘

  • Great stuff Charlotte!! Definitely looking forward to reading more of these, and maybe it’ll give me the kick up the bottom I need to do it too.x Definitely looking forward to a whole blog on the highs and lows of printing fabric 😂😉

    Charlotte Woodhall-Jones
  • Great blog and well done you. You’re very talented xx

  • Great start Charlotte, a nice read and looking forward to the next instalment x

    Charlotte Russell

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