For the LOVE of Denim!

I don't think I am in the wrong in saying that Denim really isn't a very ethical or eco fabric, and I would say that pretty much everyone, Including myself has a wardrobe with denim in it.

I for one am a believer that for the world to transition to a more sustainable place we need everyone to take small steps to sustainability as opposed to a few people doing it amazingly.

I believe all products that we can buy SHOULD be made in the kindest way possible to the planet and us. So then the responsibility doesn't fall to the consumer to work out which item has been made in an ethical way.  As we already have more than enough decisions to make on a day to day basis. 

Now if you want to read up on why denim isn't great then just Google 'why is denim bad for the environment' and you will find soooo much info on it. And it can really put you off it, However the supply will always be there if the demand is there. We just need to make the supply better.

Don't panic!!

There are plenty of ethical ways you can still get your denim fix. Like buying second hand, washing less, washing on a cooler temp, using a more eco laundry powder, buying more sustainably produced denim products or even buying reworked denim products!

That's why I now make Children's dungarees made from unwanted denim jeans!


Exactly like this pair Dexter is loving wearing whilst he goes about his day playing. The idea is to turn an unwanted item into a new item keeping it out of landfill for longer.


Personally that's a good thing in my book and if that qualifies as a small step to sustainability then whoop whoop it's a winner!

To find your little ones new denim fix head to the new 'Reworked' Collection on my site!

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