The Brand

The mission for Colony Kidswear is to create children’s clothing in as sustainable and ethical a way as it can. Creating beautiful, wearable pieces that are non-restrictive and freeing for little people. Allowing them to immerse themselves into their imagination and explorations.

This fun, ethically conscious collection is handmade using unique prints, natural fabrics and repurposed clothing.

The face behind the Brand

Colony Kidswear is the brainchild of Charlotte Lucy Hazell, a 34-year-old designer from Malton, North Yorkshire.

With over 15 years’ experience in the industry Charlotte is a highly skilled designer and seamstress who has combined her talent with her passion for the planet and creating a better fashion future for hers and other people’s children.

Charlotte grew up in North Yorkshire, sewing as a hobby with her mum and Gran. At a young age she realised she was good at it and enjoyed it and, encouraged by her family, went on to start altering her own clothes and then making clothes for herself, family and friends. She then went onto college to learn pattern making and completed a number of courses to hone her craft.

After a successful career making and selling womenswear – including bespoke occasion wear - Charlotte’s interest in the industry changed when she became a mum.

After the birth of my first Son (I now has two boys Seth 6 and Monty 4) I began to be increasingly interested in creating the environment and our impact on the planet. I read more about waste, landfill waste and also the environmental impact of our everyday shopping habits. This soon spilled over into my creative work.
I spent a lot of time researching fabrics and the impact they can have on the environment and this led to me wanting to create my own fabrics and know every step and touch point of the pieces I was making.

This return to nature and being more conscious, coupled with my boys desire to explore and discover the world around them, inspired Colony Kidswear.
Welcome to the Journey of Colony Kidswear❤