Heading back into the world!

Hello all. I hope you are all well.

I kinda feel like a hedgehog coming out of hibernation now as we are all heading back into the world. Here we basically downed tools and got stuck into just been mum and dad for a good 2-3 months. It was great having all that family time together. Something we don't get often as we both work for ourselves.

It was hard and there were times when I just wanted to run away as it was so intense been on top of each other all that time day in day out but it was bliss not having to rush as we didn't & couldn't be anywhere. It brought a great calmness into our lives, Which soon is drifting away as we head back out into our old routines. My husband started going back to work in June time and then me and the boys headed back to work and nursery at the start of July. So we have had I think 3 weeks of more 'old normal' back and I wont lie I am loving it. The boys are back to their confident selves. My two are very social and it was making them so unhappy not seeing people and having that interaction. And I am now able to get stuck back into work. Honestly, I am finding it hard to find my feet again. I was meant to launch the new direction of Charlotte Lucy at a market in April however with this not happening nothing really was launched. Then with not been able to work during lockdown everything has kinda slipped away and I now feel I am trying to collect everything back together and get going again. And it's hard. Any one else feel like this?

I wanted to create some new products that were aimed for the cooler months however I haven't had the time to work on this and I feel it all would be too rushed now to start it for winter so I think I am just going to put all that to a side and go for a full relaunch for the start of next year. During this time from now to then I am going to get myself on top of all my social and marketing so that when the new year comes I am on it and ready to go.

It is like the year of 2020 has been so impactful in our lives yet I just want to wipe it out the way and get started with 2021. I don't think I have looked forward to a new year so much in my life.

Anyway I am so pleased to be back with you and I look forward to seeing what comes of the next few months. 


Keep safe everyone. Cx

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