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Hello from lockdown!

I hope you are all keeping safe and well. Basically since the day we all locked down I had to pack up working with having the boys at home. Even having a wee in peace is non existent with a 4 and 2 year around. As I am sure alot you of can relate. We were thrusted into a world we have never known before. So used to doing what we want when we want and now been confined to our house with only one form of outdoor exercise a day.

So here I am now. Clawing back any free minutes I can get. So on my last blog post I posted about my next fair which was meant to of been back at the start of April. Mama meet and market at White Syke Fields, York. Obviously this didn't go ahead and I didn't get to launch my new collection as planned. Hey  Ho. So I have now got the new collection finished and I am currently getting the photography done and getting the products online. With the Covid 19 in mind things will be taking slightly longer than normal to process. So I am saying products will be 2-3 turnaround. This is so it gives me time to make the products with the little ones around and time for royal mail to get the parcels to you as their times are slightly longer than normal (understandably). 

We are all in such unusual times and non of us know really what is going to happen but one thing for sure is I am loving the community feel we have these days. Looking out for each other and considering others as well as our selves. Which I believe is something that needed to come back. 

The sense of community we all have now is stronger than ever and I wish very much for this to last when we return to our new 'normal'. 

I also along with everyone else would like to give a big Thankyou to ALL NHS staff, frontline workers, Shop workers, cleaners, carers, delivery drivers and everyone else who is having to continue to work through these difficult times to keep everyone safe. Thankyou. You are true #Heros

Over the next week keep your eyes peeled as I am hoping to get the collection live before my husband has to return to work ☺️ and I am parenting solo. 😂

Take care everyone. Sending lots of love C.x

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